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Elance-oDesk is reinventing the way we work. Today, more than 2 million businesses tap into Elance and oDesk to find, hire, and pay the world’s best freelancers, making it easier than ever to build successful companies and thriving careers.

Innovative global enterprises, small businesses, and startups alike can connect with the world’s most talented developers, designers, writers, marketers, support reps, admins, and more. If your job can be done online, you can hire the best person to do it. Period.

And that’s why business as usual just got a lot better.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Learn to travel the world while running an online business.
Develop your skillset and take your small business on the road as a
location-independent entrepreneur. In this Playbook, you'll learn how to:
»         Start an online business based on your existing skills.
»         Build a remote team to support you.
»         Choose a homebase city with a network of other traveling entrepreneurs.
»         Identify and integrate the best technology for working on-the-go.
»         Rack up airline miles and find discounted accommodations.

About the Authors

Alex McQuade, Managing Editor @Tropical MBA

Alex is a Content Manager for the Dynamite Circle, a community of location-independent entrepreneurs, and Managing Editor for the Tropical MBA blog. Follow him at @alexmcquade

Dan Andrews, Entrepreneur & Founder @TropicalMBA

Dan co-founded and runs two location-independent businesses, employing over 15 people worldwide. He writes and podcasts to help others do the same. Follow him @TropicalMBA, or read his blog on location-independent entrepreneurship here.

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